2 Days Tour

Our 2-day Crystal Mountain Tour starts and ends in Bahariya Oasis (a pick up and drop off service from/to anywhere in Egypt will be arranged if you wish).

With this tour you visit the sights in and around the oases of Bahariya and Farafra including the refreshing hot and cold springs of Bahariya Oasis, the Black Desert, the sparkling Crystal Mountain, the lovely Agabat Valley, and the spectacular White Desert National Park.

Tour details

Day 1

If you are coming from Cairo, you will be leaving Egypt’s capital at 7:00 am and arrive in Bahariya Oasis just before noon. There we greet you with a tasty Egyptian lunch before starting our tour.

First, we stop in a small Bedouin village where you have a chance to relax in one of Bahariya’s hot and cold springs. We then head for the Black Desert with its dozens and dozens of small, black-topped hills of volcanic origin. The next sight of this first day is the Crystal Mountain, a ridge made of sparkling quartz crystals. We continue our tour and reach the beautiful Agabat Valley, known for its scores of rock sugarloaves (you might want to check out the raving reviews on TripAdvisor). The final sight of the day—and the highlight of this tour—is the White Desert National Park, a “Lonely Planet Top Choice” with even more raving reviews on TripAdvisor. Here, the wind has eroded chalk monoliths into surreal forms resembling skulls, ostriches, hawks, camels, mushrooms and leopards, looming above a dusty pan strewn with shells, crystals and iron pyrites shaped like sea urchins or twigs.

Day 2

After a night under the open sky, breakfast will be ready at 8:00 am and we have plenty of time to explore the White Desert’s surreal sculptures that nature has shaped for hundreds and thousands of years. Along our way back to Bahariya Oasis we pass some great sand dunes where you might want to go sandboarding. We arrive in Bahariya Oasis at around 1:00 pm just in time for our last lunch à l’égyptienne before you take your drop-off taxi or the public bus to get to Cairo where you are going to arrive at about 6:00 pm.

Further Information

The itinerary outlined above is just a suggestion and can be altered based on your personal interests.

For further information about this tour or booking and quote requests don’t hesitate to contact us.