Gara Cave Tour

Our 4-day Gara Cave tour starts and ends in Bahariya Oasis (a pick up/drop off service from/to anywhere in Egypt will be arranged if you wish).

The highlights of this tour are the Black Desert, the Gara Cave that lends this tour its name, the refreshing bathtubs of the Magic Spring, and the splendid White Desert National Park. Moreover, this tour includes some serious off-roading deep into the desert (make sure to read the further information section at the bottom of this page).

Gara Cave Tour Details

Day 1

If you are coming from Cairo, you will be leaving Egypt’s capital between 7:00 and 8:00 am and arrive in Bahariya Oasis at about noon where we greet you with a tasty Egyptian lunch. We start our tour with the oasis’ main archaeological sites (the Golden Mummies and the tombs of Zed-Amun-ef-ankh and Banentiu in Qarat Qasr Salim). Later in the afternoon, we relax in the famous hot and cold springs of Bahariya Oasis. If wished, we arrange a camel ride in the palm groves of Bahariya. In the evening, we enjoy a spectacular sunset from atop English Mountain (Gebel al-Ingleez). You spend the night in a hotel of your choosing in Bahariya Oasis.

Day 2

After breakfast we board our proven and reliable Toyota Land Cruisers and head for the Black Desert with its dozens and dozens of small, black-topped hills of volcanic origin. Our next stop of this day is the Crystal Mountain, a ridge made of sparkling quartz crystals. We then leave the road to traverse what is known as the “Small Sand Sea” for about 160 kilometers (100 miles) to arrive at the impressive Gara Cave. In the evening we set up our camp in the middle of the desert.

Day 3

After a night under the open sky and a tasty breakfast, we will be off-roading through the desert for approximately 150 kilometers (93 miles). At noon we arrive at the Magic Spring (Ain al-Serw) with its refreshing bathtubs. In the shadow of the palms of Magic Spring we have a tasty Egyptian lunch. The last sight of the day—and one of the highlights of this tour—is the White Desert National Park, a “Lonely Planet Top Choice” with raving reviews on TripAdvisor. We will make sure that we arrive before sunset so that you can enjoy the spectacular scenery.

Day 4

After another night under the enchanting stars and a hearty breakfast, we have time to explore the surreal shapes of these wind-eroded chalk monoliths. We then hit the road back to Bahariya Oasis where we have one last meal à l’égyptienne before you take the public bus or (or your taxi if you opted for our drop off service).

Further Information

This tour includes some serious off-roading deep into the desert; for safety reasons, we do this tour only with a minimum of two vehicles. Therefore, this tour is best suited for larger groups.

The itinerary outlined above is just a suggestion and can be altered based on your personal interests.

For further information about this tour or booking and quote requests don’t hesitate to contact us.